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  • Herhaling Medewerker Luchtvracht UK - E-learning

  • This recurrent training is completely in English.

    After completing this training you will remain a certified Air Cargo Employee (Medewerker Luchtvracht) and you can take a monitoring role in relation to secure airfreight.

    It is not allowed to do this training if your certificate is expired. If your certificate is expired you will need to follow a new basic training. Three months before the current certificate expires you may start the recurrent training. The expiry date will then be maintained. If the recurrent training is completed more than three months in advance, the new expiry date will shift to one year after the exam date.
    The participant needs to have a VOG (Verklaring omtrent Gedrag) in order to be allowed to do the training.

    PMT can also organize the training at your location (in-house). If you are interested in this option please contact us on info@cargosecurity.nl.

    The training institute and the training program need to meet strict regulations set by the Ministry of Justice and Security in order to be allowed to provide this training. The Royal Military Police (Kmar) enforces the implementation of these regulations.

  • Inhoud

    • Applicable law and legislation
    • The Logistic supply chain for secure airfreight
    • Terrorism
    • Prohibited articles
    • Security control and screening methods
    • Access control
    • Social media


    12 months


    Yes, during the e-learning


    2 uur

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